Leveraging the power of Direct Response media buying to help your media dollars go farther.

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We get it. Every dollar counts.

In a retail environment where every dollar counts, Media Manager Marketplace (MMM) stands out by leveraging the power of Direct Response media buying to help your media dollars go farther, and to help you drive both shelf lift and add new retail distribution thanks to our national advertising exposure. Our cost-effective buying strategies help both brick-and-mortar stores and Amazon.com, helping your advertising budget deliver maximum impact across TV, Radio, and Print nationwide.

Year Over Year Comparison

Amazon Sales for the same period before and after Media

Chart showing large increases on year over year sales

Why Partner with Media Manager Marketplace?

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Maximizing ROI: Smart Spend for Growth and Sales

Our expertise in Direct Response principles means we know how to make your ad spend work harder and smarter to produce the necessary ROI, fueling your product’s sales and your company’s growth!

Advertising Analytics

Data-Driven Insights and Analytics

At MMM, we employ cutting-edge analytics and data interpretation to understand consumer behaviors and market trends. This enables us to make informed decisions, optimizing your campaigns for maximum effectiveness and ensuring your budget is allocated in the most impactful way.

Advertising Strategy

Tailored Strategies for Every Budget

We deliver a cohesive and impactful advertising presence tailored to your financial comfort zone, enhancing your retail impact across all media channels. Our customized campaigns are designed for efficiency, boosting traffic and sales while optimizing every dollar for continuous improvement.

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Long-Term Partnership Focus

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients. We invest time in understanding your unique business needs and market challenges, ensuring our strategies evolve with your company. This approach fosters a deeper collaboration, leading to more successful and sustainable campaign outcomes.

The Process is as Important as the Outcome

Chart showing the 3 phases to the process, and how Exposure and Influence are flat, but the 3rd phase, Scale increases.

Targeted exposure that influences change

The process of changing consumer behaviour takes time. MMM’s deliberate approach is a proven method to driving top line sales. There are 3 phases to the process, in exposing your audience through offline media, influencing behaviour change and then scaling the spend alongside revenue growth. The key is patience while we introduce the message to the audience and gain enough frequency to begin seeing the behavior change in the customer.

Since partnering with MMM in 2021 for radio advertising, our retail business has grown at a 15% CAGR. We have seen a definite correlation between spend on radio advertising and sales at retail. Radio advertising is helping drive consumer awareness, making brick-and-mortar retail stores destination spots for consumers looking to purchase our product.

And radio is not only driving consumer awareness, but also driving awareness for key decision-makers at retail stores! Just last week I was meeting with a category manager of a well-known grocery chain and as soon as he walked into the meeting room he exclaimed, “I hear your radio spot all the time! I love all the advertising you guys do.”


Offline media results begin with a conversation. Let’s discuss your goals and create a strategy for achieving them.